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Enemies can hear me, but "Audibility Threshold" doesn't seem to work properly, it changes sensitivity kind of, if i increase it i do have to get closer, but it doesn't care about the volume of the actual sound, so if i crouch with a low volume crouching sound at volume 0.06, it reacts at the same time as if i walk normally with walking volume at max. I don't have other sounds playing by the player.
I am using Unity 2022, might be the issue, considering going back to atleast 2021 as i am very used to the built-in visual scripter now.

Even after turning the walking sounds in "surface effects" all the way down to zero, they still pick up my movement, if they walk to me, they don't hear me, the second i move they hear me even when i'm not playing a sound at all.
They don't react to other objects making sound fyi. So only sounds emitted by the player or something else when i get close enough.


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This is tough to debug without seeing it in action, but one way to tell is to place log statements within CanHearObject.OnUpdate. What is the audibility level that you are receiving? This could then help with adjusting the thresholds.