Version 1.2.8 of the Ultimate Inventory System is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. Ensure you update by following the Version 1.2 Update Guide if you are coming from a version prior to version 1.2.

This version contains the following:

  • Added a new Hotbar: Inventory Mirror Hotbar with a new feature scene on how to set it up.
  • Added a new component Dynamic Inventory Size, which allows you to limit the size of the Inventory and change it at runtime.
  • Added options on the Item Info Grid component to Disable/Hide ItemViewSlots depending on certain conditions (i.e when using a Dynamic Inventory Size).
  • Refactored the Item View Slot Panel To Tooltip component to have more control over the position when it goes out of bounds.
  • Added the ability to Add, Remove and change the Item Amounts in the Inventory Inspector at runtime. Great for debugging!
  • Added support for Unity 2022.1.
  • Added an OnDestroy function to ItemCollection, cleaning up the Items state, fixing a problem when loading save data on scene transition.
  • Refactored Move cursor to allow easier movement between Item View Slot Containers.
  • Added the option to add currency to Chests.
  • Improved the handling of attributes.
  • Reorganized the Editor scripts and styles in both the Ultimate Inventory System and the Shared files.
  • Made some improvements to the Editor, including better duplication of UI Designer Schemas and Inventory Databases.
  • Added an optional parameter to sum integer and float Attributes by item amount instead of per stack.