Version 1.1.4 of the Ultimate Inventory System is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. Ensure you update by following the Version 1.1 Update Guide if you are coming from a version prior to version 1.1.

Note: The Unity Package Manager doesn’t always import the most recent update after you download the asset. Ensure you are getting the latest by removing the package cache from the Asset Store download folder.


  • Action Required: Some obsolete scripts were deleted from the package, therefore it is recommend to remove the package before importing the new version to avoid compilation errors.
  • Action Required: The Item Shape Grid and Item Shape View Slot has been added to the UI Designer. To use the schema again a few steps are required. You may either remove your schema and duplicate the “Classic” or the new “RPG” schema from scratch again. This approach is recommended as some of the prefabs have changed.
    You can fix your own current schema by performing the following:

      1. Open UI Designer with your schema selected. There will be a warning saying that some of the fields have null values.
      2. Scroll down to find the fields missing a prefab.
      3. In the project view find the missing prefabs by checking the schema path (example for the Classic Schema: Assets/Opsive/UltimateInventorySystem/UIDesignerSchemas/ClassicSchema/Prefabs).
      4. Duplicate the prefabs you are missing and move them to your own schema folders.
      5. Finally assign the objects you just duplicated in their respective fields within your own schema in UI Designer.
      6. Refresh UI Designer by pressing the “Validate” button.
  • Action Required: The Item Shape Grid was completely refactored. If you were using one, please remove it from your scene and create a new one from scratch using UI Designer.

This version contains the following changes:

  • The new RPG schema is now available! It has some really nice UI and it focuses on the Item Shape Grid (Clarification: all schemas have the same functionalities available, the only big difference is the default full layout. The other differences are visual.)
  • The Item Shape Grid was completely refactored. It is no longer dependent on the Inventory Grid, it is now an Item View Slot Container. Learn more about it here.
    • The UI Designer now has a tab for the Item Shape Grid (The Shape Grid option in the Inventory Grid tab was removed).
    • A video Tutorial dedicated to Item Shape Grid will come out soon.
  • Added a IItemViewSlotContainerBinding interface which can be used to Bind/Unbind Item View Slot Containers. This is especially useful when Moving an item and a component needs to be unbound while the action is active.
  • Added an option to save the Save Data in a readable format.
  • Improved Equipper:
    • It can return both Float and Int Stat.
    • Added a function to get the equipped item by slot name.
  • The Save System has been refactored.
    • The system no longer save all items unconditionally. This caused problems with save files increasing indefinitely. The system now only saves items which are within Inventories that are saved.
    • Fixed saving nested items. Nested Items are now saved only if the attribute holding the Item is an “ItemAmounts” attribute. The nested items are only saved with a depth of one.
  • Fixed MultiStackItemCollection from throwing an exception.
  • Fixed ItemDefinitions from unintentionally being duplicated in the Editor.
  • Improved InventorySystemManager to allow getting some useful references from anywhere in the code:
    • Get an ItemViewSlotContainer (example InventoryGrid or ItemHotbar from anywhere in the code) using InventorySystemManager.GetItemViewSlotContainer<TheItemViewSlotContainerType>(…)
    • Get and Set any object you want using the new Global Register:
      //Set an object 
      InventorySystemManager.GlobalRegister.Set<objectType>(myObject, objectID);
      //Get the object from anywhere in the code
      var theObject = InventorySystemManager.GlobalRegister.Get<objectType>(objectID);
  • Improved the demo scene:
    • An Item Shape Grid was added to the demo main menu.
    • The demo Inventory Database was modified to add Item Shape Icons in addition to the default Icons. A Flag item was also added to showcase a non-rectangular shape.
    • The equipment now show a category icon on the slots.
  • Improved Crafter by making a custom inspector that allows you to choose the Crafting Processor you wish to use without writing code.
  • Fixed IL exception for some recipes when binding to a field.
  • Fixed the panel owner from not being set if one had been set previously. The UI will now reinitialize once a new panel owner is assigned.
  • Added a new feature to drop items in the scene view through an Item View Slot which covers the screen and the drop handler. Refer to the RPG schema full layout to see it in action.
  • Fixed Item Action Move and Drag Handler Move from not checking if the cursor manager was already in use.
  • Fixed Item View Slots Container from deselected the selected item view slot if another slot was deselected. This prevented some click events (item actions) to be performed correctly.
  • Fixed the Shop Menu from trying to buy/sell a null Item.
  • Fixed schemas from being duplicated correctly.
  • Added support for Unicode/IME text (chinese, japense, etc…) in the Editor.
  • Added a few new Item View Modules.

Disclaimer : A lot of you have requested support for other input systems (New Input System, Rewired, etc…) we apologize for not getting it ready for this update but rest assured that our focus will be on input for the next update.