Version 1.1.3 of the Ultimate Inventory System is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. Ensure you update by following the Version 1.1 Update Guide if you are coming from a version prior to version 1.1.

Note: The Unity Package Manager doesn’t always import the most recent update after you download the asset. Ensure you are getting the latest by removing the package cache from the Asset Store download folder.

This version contains the following changes:

  • Added support for Unity 2020.2.
  • The Save System has been refactored.
    • The system no longer save all items unconditionally. This caused problems with save files increasing indefinitely. The system now only saves items which are within Inventories that are saved.
    • Fixed saving nested items. Nested Items are now saved only if the attribute holding the Item is an “ItemAmounts” attribute. The nested items are only saved with a depth of one.
  • The player character and the UI can be spawned a different intervals. Use the “Inventory Identifier” and the “Dynamic Panel Owner” component components to allow the player or UI to find the spawned player or UI.
  • Fixed Recipe Panel from removing the Inventory when exiting the Crafting Menu.
  • The Main Menu Designer allows you to easily add/remove blank panels which can be customized for your project.
  • Removed the CraftingRecipeWithTime class which was added by mistake.
  • Improved scene transitions with a documentation page explaining different approaches to scene transitions.
  • Fixed “Group Item Restriction” from duplicating equipped/unequipped items when using the “Full Size” restriction.
  • Fixed the Classic schema such that it no longer is dependent on the demo assets.
  • Fixed exception when duplicating the UI schema in the UI Designer.