Version 3.0.16 of the Ultimate Character Controller is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. If you are upgrading from version 2 be sure to read the version 3 migration guide.

This version contains the following changes:

  • Added the Animation Replacer window.
  • Added IDamageTarget.Heal.
  • Fixed CharacterManager.IsValidHuman from not always returning the correct result.
  • Fixed CharacterRespawner from not using the updated location values.
  • Fixed heal popup from not receiving the heal amount value.
  • Fixed the SpeedChange from not using the correct normalized values when clamped.
  • Prevented MeleeCounterAttack from concatinating negative values.
  • Fixed CollisionModule from not updating the raycast when the hit collider changed.
  • Fixed character scrollbar from resetting when the window.
  • Fixed collider from intersecting ceilings when moving up in a tight space.
  • Fixed item module from continuing to be used when it should have stopped.
  • CharacterManager should not allow character models from the project folder.
  • Updated AddOns URL.
  • Check for humanoid avatar before getting a humanoid bone.
  • Throwable trajectory is disabled when the module is disabled.
  • TrajectoryObject will show all of the bounces when simulating the trajectory.
  • Particle Stream improvements:
    • Impact particle no longer resets
    • Stop is correctly reset
    • Particle interpolates between positions
    • Ability no longer stops when hovering over a demo UI button
    • Impact particle is reset when the stream no longer hits anything

The following integrations were updated:

  • Input System
  • Ultimate Inventory System