Version 2.4.5 of the Ultimate Character Controller is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store.

This version contains the following changes:

  • Reduced the number of calls which snap the animator.
  • Added the option of specifying if the melee hitbox requires movement through MeleeHitbox.RequirementMovement.
  • Workaround for reorderable list not reordering correctly on Unity 2021.2.
  • Fixed first person state items from not linking with the character if they are activated after being a child of the camera.
  • Fixed UsableItem from being used too many times when there is a low time scale
  • Ragdoll ability will use the CharacterLocomotion UseGravity property when enabled.
  • Object Remover should not remove empty item sets if it is the default.
  • Cleanup item prefab items not created because the path selection was cancelled.
  • Fixed Item.Remove from not being called when the item is dropped
  • Platform disconnect improvements.
  • Fixed ground resolution on fast moving platforms.
  • Third person camera should relaign to gravity direction when not aligning to gravity.
  • Fixed collision issue with small distances.
  • Fixed top down from not having a consistent diagonal velocity.
  • Fixed foot effects from not being detected on the network.
  • Fixed MoveTowards from not being recognized when added at runtime.
  • Fixed infinite loop when setting a new state configuration preset.

The following integrations were updated:

  • Input System
  • Ultimate Inventory System