Animation Drop 1 is here! This drop contains 202 new animations and is focused on assault rifle, pistol, and life categories. This video shows a few highlighted animations:

We have also updated the website with the following major changes:

  • Generating animations will not cost any credits. We have a check in place to prevent abuse, but in normal circumstances you will not hit this limit.
  • Minor artifacts have been fixed with the AI animations.
  • The animation viewer will change to a lower quality mode for less powerful machines.

With these changes we have also sent out 200 more invites. We should be able to go through the waiting list more quickly now so if you haven’t received an invite code yet it will be coming soon.

We are hard at work for the October update. Later this month we will give a preview of the changes that are coming. There is one feature in particular that we think will be really useful for everyone.