The Omni Animation limited beta will be released on August 14!

Omni Animation has been in development for almost three years and we’re excited to announce we’ve reached the point of being able to release a beta!
Our background is in game development tools where we primarily work with indies and small game studios. We’ve noticed that these groups are not always able to find high quality animations at an affordable price that fits their character style. That’s initially what inspired us into thinking there must be a way to generate animations using machine learning, and now with Omni Animation there is.
Limited Beta
Omni Animation will release on August 14 to a limited number of registrations. We want to ensure all registered users have a seamless experience and also that everything scales appropriately. During the limited beta we’ll be monitoring the length of time it takes to generate an animation, any errors or poor results from the animation generation, as well as overall site performance.
A queue system will be used for granting access to the beta. We will be sending an email in early August to our mailing list that will allow you to be first to reserve your spot in line for the beta. If you are not signed up for the mailing list you can do so on Once a space opens up you’ll get an email with a unique code to register. Bonus points – visit us at our booth at devcom this year and you’ll get a registration code that allows you to skip the queue! We’re hoping to open up to all registrations ASAP once we get past this initial beta phase.
Discord Server
Omni Animation now has a dedicated discord server. This will be the primary discussion method for Omni Animation. You can find our discord server here.