Version 2.2 Released


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Thank you - I was able to reproduce it and will have it fixed in the next update.


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Yes that error went away after I cleared the cache but now the character no longer stops running he slides across the terrain to a stop! Version 2 did not do this but I really want that drive ability!

EDIT: Okay, weird but if I build a new terrain everything works perfect but if I use a previously created terrain the character will slide across it! Im using Gaia for my terrains so no big deal on creating new terrains, just find the behavior odd!
I had the same experience with the sliding. Not sure you can look into this @Justin. But may need to add a note or something for people that upgrade.


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Man, I really appreciate where UPS is going toward.. I remember how you used to need to use TPC with so many other plugins like inventory pro.

All I wanted is a one stop solution that does what is necessary to build a game like vampire masquerade. and can be used as a template from the get go to focus on game making.

Since Unity is becoming full fledged like UE4, I feel like this is the only one stop plugin now on top of native features of Unity. Long gone the integration bugs days!