Underwater bubbles


I notice the Underwater bubbles slot says WaterEffect.
FIgured I need a WaterEffect component but couldn't find one.

Whats the requirements?
Right now i just have a particle system but it doesnt play.

Edit: does work in your demo though. My prefab looks like yours. Its just a prefab with a particle system

Edit: so i went and added your bubble prefab to my character and it doesnt work.

Gotta be something I don't have set up right then. I took a picture of all the settings from Nolan and matched them.

Edit: I'm at a loss idk. I added Debug on all the m_UnderwaterBubbles stops and play
Everything seems fine.

Even on WaterEffect.cs it plays just fine.
            m_Playing = true;
            if (m_Particles != null) {
                Debug.Log("Playing Bubbles");

I noticed that audio click bubbles display sin Scheduler but not particle effect and nothing shows up in Object pool.
This is probably why I see no bubbles

Edit: While looking at the Swiming demo scene, I notice bubbles need to be added to the pool manager. so I added that and still no bubbles shown.
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Also on Dive for Audio start and Stop
I figured i could add a sound there where he takes a deep breath of air and then breathes when he comes back up from the dive.
No sound is ever played though.

Also I noticed underwater bubble audio clip is still playing when he surfaces. does shut off when he is on land though.
The WaterEffect is not a component, it's its own class. Take a look at the demo scene for an example of the bubble setup.

I haven't tried the start/stop sound but will take a look before I submit the version 3 update.
Ya idk. Can't see anything else im missing in the demo scene.
Oh does Version 3 of character controller support the swim ability?

Swim ablityIndexParameter is set to 301
My box collider is going around my entire water
Added a Object Identifier with the id 301 to the waters game object with the box collider
Added prefab Bubbles from opsive ->UltimateCharacterController ->Add-Ons -> Demo -> Prefabs to Object Pool and on Particle Prefab under Underwater Bubbles

idk what im missing?
Ahh i figured it out. turn sout bubbles is working. When I get close to the surface i can see the bubbles out of the water.
How does one prevent that anyways?

Apparently I can't see the bubbles in the water. Probably something to do with KSW water system. so gotta look into that.