UMA Integration & Third Person Combat Movement


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I'm having an issue with UMA Integration and Third Person Combat movement.

I've got the UMA Character Builder component on my Dynamic Avatar, everything works well except the combat movement.

Briefly looking in to it, it looks like in KinematicObjectManager, in FixedMove, m_CharacterHandler is null. It looks like this is set in the Initialize function which is called from the RegisterCharacterInternal function, which is called in the OnEnable of the UltimateCharacterLocomotion component. So this OnEnable gets called as soon as the UltimateCharacterLocomotion component gets added to the Dynamic Avatar which happens in UMACharacterBuilder on the OnCharacterCreated (it calls the CharacterBuilder.BuildCharacter()). The issue with it being called there is the the CharacterHandler hasn't been added. Or at least, in the Initialize function of KinematicObjectManager the m_CharacterLocomotion.GetComponent<UltimateCharacterLocomotionHandler>() is returning null.

Any suggestions?


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This is a problem with the initialization order and UMA. I have it fixed in version 2.1.5 which will hopefully be going out sometime this week.