Third Person Top Down - 1. Touchpad and 2. inverted mouse


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Dear Justin,

Problem 1:
If we setup Nolan and UCC with "Third Person Top Down", than "VirtualControls -> Touchpad" does not work, react or mouse X/Y is not executed (the body does not turn like when I play on Desktop with Mouse and WASD).
This problems was testet and reproduced with 3 different Samsung Galaxy (S5,S7,S9) and "MEMU PLAY"...

No Problem 1:
If we setup Nolan and UCC with "Third Person Adventure", than everything is OK (the Camera does turn when we use the "Touchpad")...

Problem 2:
Third Person Top Down - inverted mouse...
Unfortunately, the following problem still exists and my proposed solution should only be temporary.
The problem only applies to "Third Person Top Down"...
See: and an older thread:

Clean install 2019.4.4f1 with an empty project.
Only UCC 2.2.4 was imported and Nolan was set up correctly.

1 Scene (empty SampleScene with 1 Plane)

As attached Files: Sample Scene; my *.apk was too big for UL...


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1. The Top Down View Type doesn't respond to user input. It always stays in a fixed position relative to the character. I'll add it to my feature request list to add support for moving the top down view type.

2. This occurs when the cursor is not visible. It is normally looking for controller or virtual input then, but if you're using a mouse with the cursor disabled then you should also invert the horizontal look axis (Mouse X).