Save game


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Last question: May I ask how it is possible to save the game status (e.g. player stats). Have you integrated a solution yourself or should we find one?
The save system we have put in place is very flexible. You can code your own saver components for your game to save different things. For example we have an InventorySaver, a CurrencyOwnerSaver, etc...

All you need is to inherit from the base Saver class and write the serialize and deserialize functions. You can have a look at the existing savers to give you an idea of how it is done.

If you are looking for a solution that already has a lot of save functionality you can look into the Dialog system from Pixel Crushers. Pixel Crushers is working on an integration with UIS and it should integrate well with the save system they have (No ETA yet on that integration though). They offer a lot of useful saving options but of course there are things you'll need to code because there are no way around it when it comes to saving.