Move Cursor Panel No Longer Used for Move Item?

It looks like something might have changed in one of the recent updates regarding the Move Item Action. When using the Move Item Action not by dragging with a cursor (so using gamepad, WASD etc.), the item view spawned that moves around is not created as a child of the Move Cursor Panel for me. It still seems to function alright for the first player, but in my splitscreen game, the 2nd player move cursor is actually spawning as a child on Player 1s canvas. I have all of the ID's set up correctly, and everything was working prior to updating the UIS. I have changed a few things around so it could also be user error on my end, but seeing that the Item View is not a child of the Move Cursor Panel I thought there might be something there. The Item View not being a child of the Move Cursor Panel is is also happening on the Drag&Drop & Move Item Demo for me.
I believe this was a change I made a long time ago. But I can't remember exactly why I had to do it or if it was intentional.

Could you explain how this is a problem with your setup? Perhaps there is a work around that could help you solve your issue.
If not, I'll check the code to see what can be done on our end
I don't necessarily need the Item View to spawn as a child of the Move Cursor Panel, my problem is player 2s Item View is spawning onto Player 1s canvas, but it previously was working so all of the cursor IDs should be set up correctly. I thought that the change to the Move Cursor Panel could be a culprit.
Ok after chasing down a rabbit hole of debugging - I got it all sorted. There was one spot in my inspector where the Slot Cursor was not assigned correctly. So yes, user error again for me! Thank you for helping and apologies if you spent much/any time chasing this one down.