Mini version of the main inventory with the desired category.


Good afternoon, please tell me how to correctly implement the following: I have a basic inventory design, but I need to create a mini version of the same inventory, but displaying only a certain category. I thought about creating an InventoryMirrorHotbar, but I didn’t find the option to add a filter by category.
Example of use: The player approaches the gramophone and can play the desired record from the inventory, but instead of opening the full inventory, a small panel with several slots opens, where only records are displayed and nothing else.
How about just using an Inventory Grid? That's how I would do it.
In essence the InventoryGrid is just a UI Grid that displays some items that exist in an Inventory. You can have as many of them as you want.
If you know that you will have a limited amount of records then just make a InventoryGrid of a single Row.
You can use filters to only show the records and not the other items in the inventory.