Item slot == null?


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Thanks for taking time to look at my question. I'm wondering a good way to check if nothing is in a slot. I'm not sure how to write it. I have this.

var HelmItemCollection = Helm_Inventory.GetItemCollection(0) as ItemSlotCollection;
var EquippedHelm = HelmItemCollection.GetItemInfoAtSlot(0);
if (EquippedHelm != null)
Do Stuff

When I run that with nothing in slot I get this from print.

0 Item is NULL || ItemCollection(Main) Helm Inventory Collection || ItemStack(-1360789048)[ 0 Item is NULL in ItemCollection(Main) Helm Inventory Collection]

How can I call that return null?
GetItemInfoAtSlot retuns an ItemInfo.

An ItemInfo is a struct not a class. that means it cannot be null.
In your case EquippedHelm is an ItemInfo.

If you want to check that there is no item there you have two choices.

if(EquippedHelm == ItemInfo.None){


if(EquippedHelm.Amount == 0){

This isn't exactly the same but for your purpose either should be fine.

I'd recommend renaming "EquippedHelm" to "EquippedHelmItemInfo" so you are explicit about naming things in a way that make sense for their type