Incomplete Final IK integration for UCC3


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Hello, I have to make this post about the incomplete state of the Final IK integration for UCC 3, which is a shame considering the potential it has. When you open the demo scene you can see that :

-The Interact ability is not even added the Atlas character.

-When adding the Interact ability and trying to interact with the button, an error is thrown saying the character doesn't have the Interaction System. And it's true, he only has Full Body Biped IK, Grounder Full Body Biped and Look At IK. To showcase the capacities of the integration and show whether or not it's working we should have a character with everything - Full Body Biped IK, Look At IK, Grounder Full Body Biped, Aim IK and Interaction System.

-The Interact button model is all purple, it should be given the Orange and Blue materials just like in the main demo. It sounds like a nitpick, but it makes the demo look not serious.

Now I'd like to come to the part that's currently bothering me in work : the non dominant hand placement on weapons, which may be representative of other issues - basically until now Character IK was handling everything and you could drag a target transform into the Non Dominant Hand IK Target slot, which would be used by Character IK to place the non dominant hand on this specific spot, and you could use the state system to for example set the ik weight to zero on that hand when reloading. But this is not implemented out of the box with Final IK and the state system offers less possibilities with the Final IK Bridge component. If anybody here has a convenient way of handling this with Final IK I'm all ears (so far the only thing I've thought of was to use a few events), and it would be great to have something implemented for that in the integration and observable in the demo scene. In the meantime I'll come back to this thread if I find a good method.
Hello, allow me to bump this thread, I know I've already given a lot of work to do recently, but I have to ask if there's any news on this ? I tried giving Final IK Bridge and Aim IK a new try this afternoon but it's honestly giving me a headache, especially because of the fact that the State System can barely be used with these components.

If no integration update is planned for the future, I'd still need to know if there's any way to reproduce this feature from Aim IK in UCC ?


Basically is it possible to have a character modify his spine rotation so that his weapon is aiming precisely at a designated target ? This feature must be necessary for any shooter game, and using the Local Look Source is not enough to get such accurate results, we need the gun's barrel to be facing the target for sure.

If an integration update is planned soon and/or if there currently is a possibility to achieve this in UCC, please let me know, my project really needs this !
Alright, I took another look at npc aiming with UCC only and realize I wasn't being totally fair when I said that Local Look Source alone wasn't enough to get accurate results - the thing is, you need some really good weapon positioning for your enemies to shoot accurately.

Here is one simple trick I'd like to share - drag in your scene the archery target, create an empty child positioned right onto the bullseye, drag it into your npc's Local Look Source target field, and give your weapon a line renderer starting from the fire point. All of this will facilitate the adjustement of your weapon's position and rotation.

Here's the current result for my main enemy when he's aiming with an assault rifle - pretty correct !

With all that being said, while I can definitely make do with just this for now, I maintain that this integration is very important and would help UCC characters reach AAA quality, so I hope it can get an update in the near future.