Flocking / A* Pathfinding


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I haven't updated my behaviour trees in years. I've written my own tasks, borrowing some code from the movement/formation packs. I was tinkering with flocking today and having some issues. I tried to bring up the vanilla A* test scene to play around for the movement pack using newest A*, Behaviour Designer, and movement pack. The flocking example for the unity navmesh works fine. The A* version doesn't work at all. I'm assuming this isn't intended. Is this just a bug, or perhaps the local steering of the navmesh agent enabled better behaviour? The code is basically the same (windiffed) except for the implementation specific agent velocity and pathfinding differences.

Note: newest assets @ 2018.4

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I just tried the A* flock and it worked. The agents are overlapping with each other because the free version of A* doesn't include local avoidance but the actual flock task looks like it is working.