Feature request, Tactical and formations pack, leader problem

It seems that if leader gets destroyed rest of the agents in that formation stop moving? If this is the case then all of the tasks in Tactical and Formations pack with this same leader system are useful only to the point of time when leader gets destroyed.

If I understand it correctly there are target objects created relative to the leader object and all other objects follow those targets and leader seeks the real target position? I believe you have better solutions but what if the leader object would be a empty game object and targets are relative to this instead? This way the "leader" could not be destroyed and all objects in the formation would follow their own targets relative to the empty game object and the empty game object would be seeking the target?


Staff member
When the leader's task ends it will tell all of the following agents to also end, but you need to ensure the behavior tree is stopped when the agent is killed.

Looking at how the tactical and formations tasks are setup, I have some plans to change this after we release version 2 so it doesn't rely on a leader.