[Feature request] Astar integration for Deathmatch AI Kit


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Hello, I've started remaking my main behavior tree tonight by taking example on Deathmatch's, but I quickly remembered that its movement related tasks are using Unity's nav mesh, and that it has no Astar integration. I was easily able to make an Astar version of the Evade Grenade by first creating an Astar version of SpeedChangeMovement, like this :

    public abstract class AstarSpeedChangeMovement : IAstarAIMovement

    public class AstarEvadeGrenade : AstarSpeedChangeMovement

And that's pretty much all there was to it ! I haven't taken a look at the other tasks yet but I'm assuming most can't be much more complicated. So even though this isn't a hard task, could we still have this done for us with an Astar integration ? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.