Character doesn't move FreeClimb

I followed the documentation for the Climbing Pack:
  • ran the Add-Ons Manager
  • set up the Airborne State for the Free Climb Ability
  • set up the FreeClimb state for the Animator Monitor component
  • skipped the others, because this is a 3rd person game with a generic character rig
I can interact with the climbing wall, I can jump onto it and the player sticks, I can jump off and play resumes.

My problem is that I don't get any horizontal or vertical movement, although the Animator Parameters are registering Speed, Horizontal Movement, and Vertical Movement, the Free Climb Ability is active, as are the Airborne and Moving states.

From what I've read, this addon works with root motion, do I have to activate Root Motion somewhere?
Or am I missing something else?
You do need root motion but it'll activate automatically with the ability. Does the demo scene work correctly? If you compare your free climb settings to the demo character are they the same?
Thanks for the reply.

The demo scene which is in the same project works perfectly, and I've triple checked all free climb settings, but still get the same results.

In the General settings for the Ability, if I change Use Root Motion Position to No Override, the character sometimes sticks to the wall and moves left or right (as long as I keep the W key pressed), sometimes the character just falls through all colliders.

I've also noticed that I get the same behavior when activating the Short Climb Ability.

I'm getting no errors in the console, and I've tried playing around with all of the settings.
What if you bring the demo character into your scene - does it work? If it does then it's a configuration issue on the character.