Cannot Unequip Weapon When Climbing


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Hi I'm having an issue where I cannot seem to get the character to unequip their weapon while climbing. I figured out that this is done through the preset:
It looks like its getting activated correctly and "Immediate Unequip" gets checked in the free climb ability when I start climbing, however the weapon is still there. Not really sure where to go from here, as I'm not sure where the logic for immediate unequipping the weapon is
The items are unequipped through the Allow Equipped Items section, and not through any states. Make sure you have the Toggle Equip ability and the EquipUnequip ability added in order for this to work.
Yeah I have those. Is there any specific setting those need to be? It looks like it should work to me but I suppose I don't understand the full way this gets triggered
Add a "Abilities" state to your animator
Transition parameters should be:
Entry - Ability change & Ability index greater than 3 (could get more specific if you would like to add first-person jump and falling animations)
Exit - Ability index greater than 3

Your abilities animation should be something that removes the arms from the screen fully such as a scale of 0 or as I have an animation that moves the arms behind the player

your FP idle animation entry parameters should also be changed to include ability index > 3 and exit ability index < 3