Can See Object task FOV not working properly in 2D


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I have managed to get an agent to detect the player when using Can See Object task. I will also provide the settings I have used for the task:
However, I have a couple of problems regarding the FOV working properly in 2D:
1) When increasing FOV, agent does not seem to have a wider FOV.
2) When the agent turns, it does not rotate the FOV accordingly.
3) After seeking the Player and reaching its destination, Can See Object evaluates to false even though the Player is right in front of the agent.

Am I understanding how this task works in 2D correctly?
On Can See Object you can draw debug lines, if you do that what color are the lines. This page has some info on what each color means within the Common Questions section:

Beyond that what plane are you working in? Can See Object uses the XY plane.
The images show the color of the debug lines. its not that the debug lines don't show. I'm just confused as to why the agent stops detecting me when I should be in their FOV. Also confused as to why the debug lines disappear even though I should be within the agents FOV as well.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.
Ah, I see. Based off of the debug lines it don't look like they are hitting a collider. For both of the characters the collider is more at their feet and the red debug line indicates that it is trying to cast more at their head. On the Can See Object task you can adjust the offset of the cast.