Bugg on quick search node


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You can see in the top left corner, the behaviour designer window freezes when press space key(quick search node) and must reopen becouse this disable all the window functionality , the only way to add nodes is searching by right clicking


And the task windows look like this


Completly bugged ._.
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I am not able to reproduce this. What version of Unity are you using? Also, does it occur in a fresh project?
2022.3.2f1. I reopened in a new project and works fine, how can i properly "reinstall" or fix it in the current project with out lose all the progress
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Ensure you are not saying any trees within the Behavior Designer folder and from there you can completely remove the folder.
I was observing something similar with the window rendering the same as in your screen grab -- having said that, I dont think it is the same issue (as I'm not getting the GUI invalid error in the console. But here are my observations anyways just to try to narrow it down:

in the BehaviorDesignerWIndow::DrawGraphArea() method:
- GUI.BeginScrollView returns a Vector2 with{Nan, Nan}
- The Nan propagates to the mGraphOffset and mGraphScrollPosition members
- I've tried forcing these values to their respective range (using reflections to access the private members) but the issue still manifest as a workaround
- My belief is that there is an internal Unity inside the BeginScrollView when using a tablet pen as input instead of a mouse (Also I'm on MacOS)
- closing and reopening the BT window fixes the problem (its annoying but not blocking to my workflow)

Anyways Its probably not related but I though I would mention it in case t here is some coronation.
Does that display issue happen every time you open the quick search? Or just sometimes? If just sometimes, are you able to narrow down when?
Ack sorry -- looking more closely at the original message, I think my issue is separate as it is agnostic of the Quick Search. My issues result in the same symptom manifesting. I do not believe the two issues to be related after revisiting. My issue presents occasionally when I try to drag-scroll the screen by mouse-down over the GraphArea when using a Wacom stylus instead of a mouse as the input device.