Beans or Bones


our game Beans or Bones is a 2-player co-op online pirate game. The core idea is that two friends have a good time together playing our game. The story is short: you and a fellow pirate are shipwrecked, and stranded on the shore of a cannibal island. You get the chance to convince the cannibals to like veggie food. So you you go on a quest to find Brownie George, who has a delicate relish to make veggie food tasty.

While I am doing the development work, my 3 sons provide the ideas and do the play testing. I am using UCC (but only 3rd person), PUN add-on, swim and agility pack, BD. I am considering UIS, but not sure how much work it is to make it support PUN.

Have fun, Christian :cool:

Here's the initial trailer:

and some info on our project:

We also have our Steam page up and running since a couple days:


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Thanks for the shout out!

I love how you adopted the drive ability for the flying. Your kids had some creative ideas!
Actually, the player uses a modified ride ability for flying. The bird itself is also a character and uses a modified swim ability (as it is moving in 3D). But the barrel uses the drive ability :)