Added agility to UFPS, character defaulting to Balance ability


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Hi I'm new so sorry for a probably simple question.

I just added the Agility pack to my UFPS character. My scene is empty with only one default terrain added.

My character defaults to the balance ability. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

When I uncheck Balance or set it to "manual" it is fine.

Any advice is appreciated.


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My bad this is very much a beginner question but if you are like me and just added the ability pack without having read too much documentation here is the problem:

By default Start type on balance is set to "automatic". You can switch this to manual for a button press

Second, Object ID is set to -1. Object ID determines what object will activate the ability. -1 means this is not used. So by default it balance will start on any surface.


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Glad you got it working. Yes, setting the Start Type is the correct approach :)