Version 1.2.13 of the Ultimate Inventory System is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store.

This version contains the following:

  • Button selection in a grid during initialization is now optional.
  • Added an option to set your own input to ItemActionsBinding to allow you set inputs even inside a ChestMenu (requires to set the input manually in one line of code).
  • ItemViewSlot can now be deselected when selection is set to index -1.
  • Updated Simple Crafting Processor to allow you to choose the ItemCollection to fetch the ingredients from.
  • Fixed AttributeBindingView from using wrong type cast.
  • Main menu now closes sub panel on close.
  • ItemDescription is now drawn when drawing the bound ItemViewSlotContainer.
  • Fixed ControlWithInventoryDatabase from writing “null” instead of showing a null field.
  • Fixed ItemSlotCollection from not removing the item correctly when removed into another collection keeping the same stack.
  • Fixed drag and drop panel tootip from not positioning properly on canvases with the Screen Space – Camera.
  • Fixed MultiStackItemCollection from not triggering an event on removing an item.
  • Fixed ItemActionSet from not initializing the ItemActionCollection.
  • The following integrations were updated:
    • Opsive Character Controllers