Version 2.3.6 of the Ultimate Character Controller is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store.

Note: The Unity Package Manager doesn’t always import the most recent update after you download the asset. Ensure you are getting the latest by removing the package cache from the Asset Store download folder. After importing ensure you have installed the package through the Tools -> Opsive -> Ultimate Character Controller -> Installer menu option.

This version contains the following changes:

  • Added FirstPerson.VerticalOffsetLerpSpeed to allow smooth crouch movement when the character does not have a body.
  • Switch to a ScriptableObject instead of EditorPrefs for determining if the update input and layer options should be shown.
  • Replaced initial input/layer dialogues with Character Controller Editor window.
  • OnObjectDetected event will be called on the object detected by DetectObjectAbilityBase.
  • DetectObjectAbilityBase should not reset the detected object if it wasn’t retrieved from a trigger.
  • Improved camera smoothing performance.
  • Added melee weapon use error checking.
  • Fixed MaterialSwapper from not always telling the ObjectFader that the MaterialSwapper needs to control the fading
    Added a Mirror test scene.
  • Fixes warnings from Rider.
  • Fixed top down from not respecting independent look while moving in the look direction.
  • Fixed spring foldout from collapsing all of the spring foldouts.
  • Fixed demo scene from not using root motion in third person mode.