Version 2.2.7 of the Ultimate Character Controller is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. If you are coming from a version prior to 2.2 there are some manual changes required in order to update. See this page for details.

This version contains the following changes:

  • Add-Ons can add the abilities through the inspector.
  • Fixed magic projectile from causing separate collisions (thanks echtnice).
  • Updated teleport Surface Indicator location (thanks Andrew).
  • Fixed AnimatorMonitor exception caused when the character doesn’t have an Animator.
  • Drive ability can disable the Skinned Mesh Renderers.
  • NavMeshAgent velocity improvements when a path isn’t resolved.
  • Fixed first person item from equipping when switching from third person.
  • Fixed ability from being able to start when it shouldn’t while the ItemEquipVerifier is active.
  • Fixed ThrowableItem from spawning in the incorrect position while in a third person view.
  • Added the following integrations:
    • Edy’s Vehicle Physics
    • NWH Vehicle Phsyics
    • Realistic Car Controller
  • Updated the following integrations:
    • Behavior Designer
    • Dialogue System
    • Quest System
    • Ultimate Inventory System