One of our original goals of Omni Animation has been to produce high fidelity animations that can be used in your project without any cleanup. We started developing Omni Animation in late 2020 and progress throughout this time has not been linear. There are some weeks when work is being done but the results are not tangible. There are other weeks when it seems like we are moving at light speed.

We thought it would be interesting to show an example of the type of results that we see throughout development. Taking a look at the walk cycle, some of our very first AI generated walk animations came out looking like this…

We’d inadvertently developed a spider animation! After some more research the animation started to resemble an actual walking animation:

Later the walking animation became much smoother, albeit had some foot sliding issues:

This sliding was fixed with a post processing technique that ensures the character moves the correct distance based on the feet movement. The end result is a walking animation that you can use without any cleanup:

It’s neat to think that the entire animation was generated using AI. It’s also fun to look back and see the first crazy results.

We should have some more news soon on the features and animations that Omni Animation will have when we first release the beta. The website is getting close to being done and the machine learning developers are continuously improving the deep learning model.