Warfare Zombie Gold Shooting Adventure

Millions years ago with falling asteroid came one fragment of dying planet. That ancient artifact stayed deep into our planet core until it was found by miners searching for gold. Artifact had a special power to change any piece of metal to a gold so that place was full of gold. Because of its value it was protected with strong forces from all renegades.

But artifact had one bad effect on humans. After spending some time in mining area people start getting sick and became zombies. Almost all people that lived in that area changed to walking dead so forces used that as a shield from outlaws who are trying to steal gold and artifact.

On the way to find artifact renegade must shoot tons of zombies, pass deadly traps and unlock valuable items. Task is very difficult but if you have enough ammunition, various weapons, powerful shield and refreshing health booster anything is possible. Only help for zombies bites is lifesaving antidot, so try to avoid zombies or destroy them. Do not try to enter new mission without enough fire power or fail is certain.


– More than 30 different unlockable and upgradable weapons shootable and melee.
– Different power item, boosters, health pack and antidot.
– More that 20 intensive and trilling fast hart-beating actions.
– Great shield protection with special anti zombie function.
– Continuous skill level up system with rewardable achievements that follow your game progress.