Using Interactable in UIS With Interact in UCC


Hey y'all!

Per the integration demo scene for Ultimate Character Controller - Ultimate Inventory System, the demo pickup items/shops all use Interactable and are triggered when the character enters. I'd like to be triggering stuff when the character selects it... the ol' "Press [F] to OPEN".

Lookin @ this doc page:
... it's a bit shy on details.

How can I accomplish that using an Ultimate Character Controller character?

Thanks much =)


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UCC and UIS both have an interaction script/ability.

In the integration demo, most of the item pickups use the UCC interactions and are set as pick up on trigger. That is set up directly on the pickup. You can toggle that off. The button to press is defined by the interact ability on the chacater.

When interacting with UIS interactables (in the integration demo that would be the shop, chest, crafting stable) then you can choose the button to press on the Inventory Interactor component (it is on your character). It's a button, not a key. If I remember the button that maps to the 'F' is "Action"

Let me know if you have any other questions