ThrowableItem Layer Change Not Syncing


New member
The ThrowableItem component does a NetworkSpawn of the thrown object from the master client's side. That part is working fine.

However, there's some logic where the master client's scheduler changes the thrown object from the start layer to the thrown layer after a delay. That layer change works fine on the master client's side, but on the remote client the layer change never happens. Is there some sort of additional component needed so that the instantiated thrown object will sync its layer across the network?

As an example, if a thrown item starts in the IgnoreRaycast layer and is set to the Default layer after a delay of 0.1s, the remote client will see the thrown item be instantiated in the IgnoreRaycast layer, but it will remain there and never change to the default layer.


Staff member
Make sure the layer that your thrown object prefab starts with is correct. The layer does not need to be changed because it is not set on the remote client. I just verified this by having the first person character and throw a grenade. When the grenade was in the air it is set on the correct layer on the remote client.