Struggling with syncing animations


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My current A.I. uses a NavMeshAgent and does a lot of strafing, zigzagging and even sometimes turning around and fleeing for cover. All of this is custom code and I've gotten it to work to a degree. Manually animating this seems out of the question and so I've gone over the pages you've linked here the MecWarrior example focuses primarily on just turning and then running to whatever direction you want which is not useful for my A.I. so I've tried using this but it's jittery and more importantly it seems to rely on your animation pack having a neutral run in place animation. None of the Mixamo animations or any animation packs I've found on the asset store have a neutral run in place animation. Am I missing something obvious here or does this only work if you make your own animations?


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From Behavior Designer's perspective it should not be aware of the animations that are currently executing. It should be up to the underlying character controller which determines the animations that play. It has been awhile since I implemented the MecWarriors and Unity scripts from the web pages, but the concepts should work with any animator controller as long as you are using the correct parameters.