Start Stop SpeedChange "Object reference not set"


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Hey All,

This is starting to drive me nuts. So I am more or less recreating the behavior tree from the FPS demo. Everything is working fine except for "Start/stop ability Speedchange" I get a NullReference compiler error that say "object reference not set".

Every other ability in my tree works fine. I've tried changing ability index and requiremovement. I even created a whole new character.

I did just create a new behavior tree with only the Start Stop speed change ability and it works without getting that error. So I guess I'm just going to create the whole thing again from scratch.

Any help is appreciated though.

Screenshot attatched


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Sorry not sure if I can delete this. But the error was actually for Start/Stop Attacking.

I had accidently set the "Target Game Object" to the player instead of setting the "aim target" to the player.

The problem is always simpler than you think.