Sprint using stamina


Hi I wanted to share with you the first ability that i wrote, it's called "Sprint".

It extends from SpeedChange, I wanted to start with something simple, but connecting other components like the AttributeManager and trying Coroutines.

So, this new Ability allows the character to run until he/she runs out of stamina (declared by dev). Also it's possible to prevent the character start running again after minimal regeneration, using "MinimalStaminaStart" variable.

Here is the Ability:

using System;
using System.Collections;
using Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Character.Abilities;
using Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Traits;
using UnityEngine;
using Attribute = Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Traits.Attribute;

[DefaultInputName("Change Speeds")]
public class Sprint : SpeedChange {
    [Tooltip("Minimal stamina to start ability")]
    [SerializeField] protected float m_MinimalStaminaStart = 20;
    [Tooltip("When stamina value is below this number, the ability will stop.")]
    [SerializeField] protected float m_MinimalStaminaExecute = 1;
    [Tooltip("Rate of consumption of stamina")]
    [SerializeField] protected float m_ConsumptionRate = 1;
    [Tooltip("Amount of stamina consumed in each rate")]
    [SerializeField] protected float m_ConsumptionAmount = 1;

    public float MinimalStaminaStart { get { return m_MinimalStaminaStart; } set { m_MinimalStaminaStart = value; } }
    public float MinimalStaminaExecute { get { return m_MinimalStaminaExecute; } set { m_MinimalStaminaExecute = value; } }
    public float ConsumptionRate { get { return m_ConsumptionRate; } set { m_ConsumptionRate = value; } }
    public float ConsumptionAmount { get { return m_ConsumptionAmount; } set { m_ConsumptionAmount = value; } }
    private Attribute m_AttributeStamina;
    private Coroutine m_ConsumptionCoroutine;
    private AttributeManager m_AttributeManager;
    public override void Awake() {
        m_AttributeManager = GetComponent<AttributeManager>();
        m_AttributeStamina = m_AttributeManager.GetAttribute("Stamina");
    public override bool CanStartAbility() {
        if (!base.CanStartAbility()) return false;
        return m_AttributeStamina.Value > m_MinimalStaminaStart;

    protected override void AbilityStarted() {
        m_ConsumptionCoroutine = m_AttributeManager.StartCoroutine(ConsumptionCoroutine());

    protected override void AbilityStopped(bool force) {
        if(m_ConsumptionCoroutine != null) m_AttributeManager.StopCoroutine(m_ConsumptionCoroutine);

    private IEnumerator ConsumptionCoroutine() {
        while (IsActive) {
            m_AttributeStamina.Value = m_AttributeStamina.Value - m_ConsumptionAmount;

            if (m_AttributeStamina.Value < m_MinimalStaminaExecute) StopAbility(true);
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(m_ConsumptionRate);

And here is how the AttributeManager was configured, so the Stamina can be regenerated automatically.


Feel free to play with this or use it for whatever you want, I just coded it to practice extending the controller

Last but not least, about the Coroutine i had to use the AttributeManager, because i couldn't start it from Ability. If someone knows a better way of doing this, i'm all ears!
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Thanks for your contribution! There was actually a bug in the attribute system which prevented you from being able to do this without needing a new ability. This post has the fix:



Thanks Justin, actually i didn't saw that Speed Change ability had that! (And it was kind of excuse to try coding a custom ability)


If I understand correctly this script is not necessary anymore. It is however and extremely useful script to study!

Big thanks to the OP