Saving and loading newly placed objects


New member

I want to know how to save newly placed objects and loading them

note that I'm using a custom save system and I'm using your scripts but slightly modified to work with mine

Everything works just fine but I just want to save newly placed object (like dropped items for example)

so any tips or solutions to do that?

Thank you :)!


Staff member
Our save system is used only to save and load the contents of Inventories and CurrencyOwners. Everything else is out of scope of our saving system. We do have a GameobjectSaver component but it is very basic to save the position, rotation and enabled/disabled components. But it doesn't work for spawned objects at runtime.
So you'll need to create your own way of saving spawned object at runtime. You'll probably need a way to keep track of all the spawned object such that you can save all their positions, rotation, contents, etc...