Repeating Seek Command


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Hope you're well. I'd love if I could get a bit of help here as my brain is for some reason strugglign with this.

I've got the following relatively basic tree - and for the most part it works how intended except the Seek command in the "Track Player".

No matter what I do I can't get the Seek to consistently reseek after it's first track player. If the track player is then conditionally aborted and then returns (the player returns within distance) the tree plays but the Seek doesn't reseek (just goes straight to a green tick)

What am I doing wrong?




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The seek task will return success if it is within the arrived distance. Do you have a large arrived distance set? If not I would disable the other branches and just get a simple conditional abort working with seek just to test it entering multiple times. This will indicate if something else may be causing it to end early.


Hi Justin, can you explain this simple conditional abort for this case? Because I have a similar problem. A large arrive distance (what is large?) was not the solution.