Remove item only removes a single value


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I am trying to remove multiples of items but with
playerInv.RemoveItem(woodDef, 3);
only one is removed from my player's inventory. Is there a different way to remove items through code?

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That's weird, Just to be sure you are using the default ItemCollection type? Is your Wood item Common and Immutable? or is it Unique?

If it is Common and Immutable then it should work. If it is Unique then perhaps that would explain the issue. When dealing with Unique items the inventory doesn't know which one you want to remove so it has to guess. I may not have taken into account removing multiple unique items guessing which one to remove.

EDIT: Just to be clear you are using the Inventory System Inventory, not the UCC Inventory bridge correct?


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I am using the UCC Inventory Bridge, does that change things? Shoot, should have posted this in the integration thread then, didn’t think it would make a difference. Though I am using the UIS namespace to reference RemoveItem.
But I feel you might be right about the Mutable and/or Unique settings because I did notice that the items were not stacked in the inventory UI. I’ll check this in the morning and post back.
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