Pistol State Not Saving

I am having an issue in 2018.3.14 & latest First Person Controller, in which configuring an Aim state for the pistol in play mode is not saving, despite pressing the "persist" button. It does save whilst still in the scene, as in, I can exit play mode, then enter play mode again, and the state will be set to my desired configuration when using aim. However, if I close Unity (after saving scene and project) and re-open it, the state settings will have returned to the default. No other weapon is effected like this though, only the pistol. Any idea why this could be?
I have configured this aim state several times using the "activate" button, then setting the position & rotation offsets as desired, then pressing the persist button, but it is not saving after exiting Unity for some reason.


Staff member
For bug reports if you can follow this post that helps me narrow it down. Also make sure you save the Unity project (not just the scene) before exiting.