Opsive Foundation [RPG Framework]


What is Opsive Foundation?

Its a very lightweight layer of logic and editors that allow users to create any kind of RPG & adventure games. It is based on Opsive TPC and FPS controller.

Is it for me?

The framework is made around few principle:

  • You may not need to code depending on the design of your game.
  • Easy to extend by code, you can make a different game with less than 800 line of code
  • There is no need to modify source code.
  • Lot of properties that let you define feature without changing code but only tweaking editor.
  • All the basic functionality are handled, so you only focus on very high level functionality if needed but You do not need any other plugin.
  • This make maintaining multiple game very easy, found a bug? Fix it once.

What is planned for Beta:

I plan to convert 2 of my existing mobile games as a proof of concept, get feedback, some editors will be missing in order to speed up feedback integration.

Modules planned, Note that they are all optional, you can simply open the profile system and change a field to bypass character creation scene. Each module do not need to be used and are totally optional
Feature Completed will be marked in green
Features Work in progress will be marked in yellow

  • Profile System: act as an user container for the saved data [Docs]
  • Save system: each modules will automatically saved their properties like character skills, last position and scene… [Docs]
  • Character creation:
    • Can configure available characters and add properties that will be automatically saved
    • Can configure the team max size or simply have one single character
    • Can configure the maximum number of character in creation screen
    • Can Extend the character creation handler and add new properties with minimum effort.
  • Team Controller:
    • Switch between controllers
    • Other characters can follow the controlled characters
    • Events to hooks Ai ( behaviour designer )
    • Individual re spawning
  • CharacterBase:
    • Combat
    • Stats & vital
    • Active skills & passive abilities
    • Buff & Debuffs
    • Skill based progression
    • Level based progression
    • AI integration with behavior designer for pets, npc, enemies…
  • Interactions
    • Check skills level or conditions
    • Can be used for anything, talk to npc, pickup loot, open chest ...
  • Portal system:
    • Database of destination
  • Inventory [Docs]
  • Shop [Docs]
  • Localization Support for all modules [Docs]
  • Currencies [Docs]
    • Create any number of currencies
    • save and load them, player receive specified amount on creation
  • Sound System [Docs]
  • Ui system [Docs]
  • Multiplatform input [Docs]
  • Scene Loader [Docs]

What is planned for release:

Feature will be freeze few month before and editor will be completed, I will convert all my games to the framework to be sure its robust enough, and keep polish the workflow & add features:
  • Equipement
  • Collectible resources
  • UMA Integration
  • Craft
  • Non Combat activities
    • Dancing
    • Gathering
    • Fishing
  • Quest
  • External backend server and client SDK for async social gameplay ( not real time )
    • Guilds
    • Load remote players for pvp & cooperation
    • Chat
    • Push to talk message in chat
    • Cloud save
    • OAuth
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This sounds very interesting - definitely keep this thread updated with your progress and let me know how I can help out with promotion!
Hey @TinyTree,

This sounds very interesting, and I am trying to wrap my head around it. So, you are trying to convert an RPG/Adventure framework to work with UCC, is that right?

Is this going to be a paid integration for UCC on the assetstore? Or is this going to be a community project? Thanks.


hey thanks, i have updated the progress, right now working on stat system.
also i have built the system to have mechanics swappable
  • you can create a new Mechanics scriptable object and define how things are configured, which camera to load which ui to load and setup, this allow to instantly change the type of gameplay, like having team based top down rpg to a Fps rpg within second without changing your scenes, they only contains portals and spawners on top of environment
  • Mechanics contain function to override to configure characters / players
  • list of ui prefab and how to setup them
  • how to setup camera
  • how to build character stats and what to do when they receive damage
  • how progression system works, levelProgression & skillProgression for example will interpret xp gain differently


hi @maxforce you cant contact me at my email: delmarle.damien [ at ] gmail.com
also if you plan to use it with Opsive i would recommend you to wait i finish this new asset I'm preparing.
i have been working on it since few months and it advancing pretty steadily. most of the features listed before have been extended or reworked to be more configurable and if not enough configurable, easily extensible by writing a very small amount of code.

here is a sneak peak of current version editor that allow you to configure project to become any kind of game.

right now it can support out of the box offlines game with mechanics like:
-everquest 1: multiple class, level based progression.
-baldurs gate, team based, level progression
- utlima online where there is no class and levels but only skills that influence character
-skyrim where you have levels and skills progression
-simple class based fps like overwatch


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Thank you for your answer. I will definitly wait untill you finish new asset. I think forum link will be better for discussion.


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This looks really good to me as well. The UI looks great and it looks expandable in the future.

I want to get this when it is out, as I think many will.
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Hey TinyTree,

I have been looking for a decent RPG framework that will work with UCC (earlier TPC) for a long while. I would be greatly interested in seeing how it works. Do you plan to publish a demo scene that shows what it will look like working with UCC (in case that is appropriate license-wise, Justin?)?

UCC already has an attribute system and I have started creating different attributes through that. Will your framework work in conjunction with these attributes, or use separate classes?


Do you plan to publish a demo scene that shows what it will look like working with UCC
yes within few months from now, it will be multiple scenes

UCC already has an attribute system and I have started creating different attributes through that. Will your framework work in conjunction with these attributes, or use separate classes?
it will use a complete different attribute system, but that should be very easy to replace.


Really look forward to this system you are making, been trying to find a decent framework WITH an outstanding controller, seems this will finally have both of those. Any need for beta testers? *drools* :)

Keep up the good work!


thanks for the comment, as it is based on OPSIVE controller it will be naturally great which also save me lot of development time.
Im a bit shy to show that early for now, im reworking lot of previous systems that i considered not good enough.
  • Statistics and vitals now use template node assets to do calculate where you can do things simple as base Health + Race bonus + class bonus + stat_1 x 5 or just a flat value for your npc if you want.
  • Damage calculation, vital regen calculation & skills will use the same system
  • I started to use unity new input system and connect it to my interaction system, which make the framework much simpler, i could add mfi controller support in few hours of research.
  • i researched the new localization system introduced by unity but was too buggy so i kept mine for now.

right now im reworking the save system to be easier to understand.

i think when i get combat implemented with skills i will start to give the asset to some volunteers it will be using behavior designer for AI. im afraid if i release it too early people start build their game and i will be likely to change lot of components in next months which will be breaking change difficult to update.


Would like to have feedback from some of you about what would be the best workflow for you to define how to configure the attributes bonuses of each character ( strength, dexterity, endurance for example) and vitals:

  • First option would be to have a node editor where you can access the character values and calculate amount
  • second option is through a simple editor by simply editing the bonuses value and what they affect
    • each race have attributes/statistics/vital bonus
    • each class have attributes/statistics/vital bonus
    • attributes have bonus to other stats & vital
    • all the previous are optional so you can set decide to not add bonuses, but in the future it would be easy for me to add new bonus to things like faction or gods
i have already implemented both version and i really feel the node editor is not helpful because the second option is already covering all case i though about.
two next screen shots are the configuration editor last screen shot is the node editor for character class, which is better?


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I think for attributes an editor panel is sufficient, and nodes could be an overkill. Nodes would be very necessary for talent tree configuration, though.


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As a non-coder, I would like the second option of a " simple editor ". Since it seems pretty much the same result, why make it harder. :)

Maybe another option would be to put out the node editor as a second add-on to the main RPG Framework.

Unity I think has many non-coders and the more simple, while yet powerful, to me, i think would be way more sales.
And if it turns out that for what ever reason, it needs the node editor. it could be in an update or maybe as an ad-on in the main
package. If it is easy for you ( i can't code, so i don't really have an idea or appreciation of how complicated or easy it would be ) ..

To me if the node editor could be sold as an ad-on option for more fine control, ( and for coder's ) then maybe as a separate package,
and sell it for what ever is appropriate. Or even maybe do the node editor as a git hub .. but make it so that the main package has to be
paid for.

I am sure that what ever method you pick, will be good. For me simple is better.