NavMesh Integration


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I'm using the third person controller for my AI controlled enemies along with the NavMesh Agent Ability.
Currently, however, I'm really struggling to implement ladders and short climbs into the navmesh agent. I'm having similar issues with the Agility pack, but climbing is what I'm working on now. In the case of the ladder, my character is able to find the offmeshlink from the bottom to the top just fine, but struggles to enter the MoveTowardLocation. When he finally does, he goes up the ladder and continues climbing to infinity. In the case of the short climb, he will reach the OffMeshLink, pull himself up using the animation's root motion, and fail to move forward onto the object. I suspect I'm doing something in the implementation, but I'm not sure where to begin. I've considered overriding UpdateOffMeshLink() in the NavMeshAgent Ability, probably creating a sub method for each "type" of OffMeshLink being implemented. This seems really fiddly, though, and I wondered if there's an easier way to go about this.
Has anyone else struggled with this, or is there any documentation that I've somehow missed for integrating the Climbing pack into a NavMesh?
The Deathmatch AI Kit uses off mesh links in order to move the characters from one section of the navmesh to another while on the air lift. Overriding the UpdateOffMeshLink method in order to provide a custom implementation for your offmesh link is a good approach.