Magic using Mana Attribute


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I have created a Mana Attribute, and a Magic Item. The Magic Item works properly- it fires a projectile at a target, applies damage, creates particles, etc. All good.

Once I set the Magic Item to use the Mana attribute (selected from the dropdown, not typed in), it works properly UNTIL I have less than the required amount of Mana. In this situation, the animation plays, but the projectile is not instantiated. If I wait, the projectile will fire once the character has enough Mana. If I keep trying to trigger the ability with less than the required amount of Mana, sometimes the animation plays (with no projectile), and sometimes it doesn't. Note- I'm tracking the Mana via a copy of the "Health" healthbar in the UI.

I doubt there's an easy solution here, but what steps could I take to start to debug this? I'd like to avoid directly editing UCC source code if possible, but I certainly don't mind extending it or writing my own components to interact with it.

Also, if this is not the intended behavior and is an actual bug that will be fixed- please let me know so I can stop pulling my hair out.

I would appreciate any insight into how I can resolve this. Thanks in advance!


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When you say that you are using mana, did you create a new cast action? Or something different?