input system integration error


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I download and install the input system package then I have directly this error :

Assets\Opsive\Shared\Integrations\InputSystem\UnityInputSystem.cs(107,30): error CS0506: 'UnityInputSystem.IsControllerConnected()': cannot override inherited member 'PlayerInput.IsControllerConnected()' because it is not marked virtual, abstract, or override

What should I do ?
What do you call the controller ?
You mean the new paid version of ufps ?

And If this is the case and I don't want to pay, can I still have an old version of the integration package ?
Oh, you're still on version 2? Unfortunately I no longer have the integrations for version 2.
Luckily I had kept the one for rewired and I am going to use this one but I would also like the one for playmaker.

So I ask the forum ; has a user here kept the latest version (v2) of the integration packs for playmaker ?