Highlight the grid after its selection


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Hi, I am trying to highlight the clicked grid with some image and then show the option to equip or unequip. while equip and unequip option are available the grid should be shown as highlighted and when its equipped the highlight of the grid should be disabled. I have tried many methods outside of UIS by adding custom scripts but its not working. Can anyone help me do this with UIS
I will copy paste my reply from discord here:

So we don't really have a component that allows you to do that by default. The ItemViewModule that shows the highlight on selection uses the OnSelect event of the ItemViewSlot which under the hood uses the Unity selection system which only allows one UI element to be selected at any one time.

So the only solution here is to write a custom ItemViewModule and a custom ItemActionBinding or Panel.
Your custom item action binding or panel will have to check what ItemViewSlot is selected. And tell it's custom ItemViewModule that it is "Selected". When the ItemAction panel is closed you can tell it to "Deselect".

It shouldn't be too hard to do, but it requires some coding experience to implement. If you get stuck let me know in the forums and I'll see if I can guide you in the right direction

Can you show me what you have tried so far as your custom ItemViewModule and ItemActionPanel?