Help with Attack Movement Behavior Tree


I'm brand new to Behavior Designer and Deathmatch AI kit. (both installed)

I've just thrown the 'Aydan Agent' prefab in to my scene with the 'Solo' behavior tree

I want to adjust his behavior in relation to how close he stands when 'Attack Moving' to the player,
and how fast he runs toward the player in relation to current distance....

Also detection range and such.

The BD + UCC integration video seems to have some different tree nodes, and I just need some guidance on where these settings are.

I adjusted his overall movement speed (motor speed) in UltimateCharacterLocomotion, but I'm not sure if that's the right place to do it with BD.

See picture, I'm looking around these active behavior nodes but none seem to have inspector values along the lines of what I'm looking for ie His movement parameters upon deciding to 'Move to Attack'....



Staff member
For an overview of the deathmatch tree take a look at this page:

On the DeathMatchAgent component you can adjust how close/far a weapon cam attack within the Available Weapons list: