I'd like to use BD for the entire game but I'm struggle with cycles such as:
wandering->detected enemy->attacking>enemy lost->investigating->wandering
title->play->load level selector->level selected->load level->intro->playing->gameover->press retry->playing->gameover->press exit->load level selector
this would be easy in an FSM
what's the recommended solution?
is it possible to create a node that acts as an FSM, allowing cycle?


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Behavior trees and finite state machines are fundamentally different implementations so if something fits better with a FSM then you should use that. At a high level you could use the sequence task to sequentially change tasks, but if you want to have the direct transition then I would go with a FSM as behavior trees are geared more towards AI.


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Personally i use Play maker i am in several Discord groups and we can all help each other if we need assistance, i do know that unity has i believe bought 'Bolt' which is a free visual Scripter, However again the reason i use play maker is because it has been around a long time there are hundreds of forums for help bolt is relatively new and has stupidly less information online also Playmaker has 'EcoSystem' which is amazing as it allows players to have more options on states and functions. Also if you check out unity store i believe there it a DoTween asset which will add hundreds of more options to your fsms. And most importantly Justins UCC and UIS do support playmaker as i have used them both firsthand.

--------In Conclusion--------

play maker if you dont mind spending money ( with EcoSystem + DoTween ) *EcoSystem is free with Playmaker Also i believe Playmaker offer half price to students just in case you are*


Bolt or any other Visual Scripting -- if your tight on money ( low Income / this is just a hobby )


Looked at it, thanks for the suggestion.
Do you know a thing that visualizes dependencies between objects and assets as an overlay on top of the unity editor?