Feature request: min/max slope angle for Motor Slope Force Up/Down


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To solve some issues with getting stuck on irregular terrain details, I decided a good tradeoff would be to increase the Slope Limit to 85 and go with more intentional solutions for player containment, but I thought about testing the idea of slowing players slightly (e.g. 0.7) on steep slopes. The problem is that any slope seems to activate the multiplier, which causes movement across uneven terrain to feel erratic and hitchy. It would be great to be able to specify a min angle before the multiplier kicks in both for upward and downward forces.

Also, hitting the slope limit feels very abrupt, so some method of ramping up the force as you approach the limit would help hide the threshold.

What I'd personally want is an option to have the multiplier increase based on the steepness of a slope from 1.0 to a max value reached just before the slope limit. The ramping probably wouldn't have to be very nuanced since any gradient would feel smoother than no gradient, provided the developer sets sensible values.


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I like this idea and written it down - it shouldn't be too hard to implement.
I second this request. It's exactly what I need for my game. I'm trying to replicate the behavior of The Long Dark, where the steeper the terrain slope, the slower you go, until you can't traverse it at all.