Fast Enter-to-PlayMode


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Hi, Justin, did you know that 2019.3 will support insanely fast Enter-to-PlayMode?

Working with a large size project is really a huge pain in the ass and finally, Unity will do something about it.
Waiting for ~15 seconds every time to enter the PlayMode is very painful and it will be a huge game-changer. I simply cannot wait until I completely move to 2019.3 just because of this single feature.
FYI, UCC alone will take about ~7 seconds to start and it can add up quite quickly with several other Assets.

If you haven't checked it out, please check how the new system will work.

Basically, we now have options to skip assembly and scene reloading.
To think about it, it is really stupid to reload assembly and the scene every time we play even when there are no changes.
It should been fixed long time ago but they finally recognized the problem.

This new mode will make UCC to enter the play mode almost instantly.
But to the advantage of this mode, it requires some changes, of course.
The changes are not that difficult from what I studied. Basically, relying on automatic static variable clear will need to be cleared manually.

I don't expect you to support 2019.3 before it's released but I just wanted to give you the heads-up so that we can preplan stuff.
I already tried UCC 2019.3 alpha and it runs fine except the static variable in GetCachedComponent needs to be cleared when the game begins, or ends.

If you are curious, please try it yourself and it will help you save quite a bit from the waisted time.
You can do testing/development 2019.3 to save time and the same code will most likely just work on 2019.1.
Once you experience it, you will never want to go back to old mode.

Take care.


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Hi, Justin,

I'm sure you read this blog post by Unity.

This is something I've been waiting for a long time and it will definitely a game-changer when it releases.
However, the current UCC does not support the fast mode.
From what I was told, 2019.3 is scheduled for mid-Nov release so I hope you start thinking about it.



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This is pretty easy to support so I have added it and it will be in version 2.1.9.


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Just tested the fast mode. It makes a huge difference!

Here is a minor bug.

When selected "Norlan" from the Hierarchy and entering with the fast mode results in the following error.
It looks like the Inspector deserializes first and then the normal Monobehavior uses variable already set by the inspector incorrectly.




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Fast mode should've been the default mode from the beginning but it's better late than never.
In the meantime, we will have to adjust to the new style of programming. ^^