Critical Bug? Repro 100% Cannot change Item Definition Attributes


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I find this when i tried complete tutorial:
4:03 - he create "Heal Amount" - i tried too and this property won't save - i mean it change name again to "Attribute"
It happen when parent is assigned.
asset version 1.0.2
unity 2019.4.6 and 2019.4.5
I tried delete library too. Reset pc. Clear cache.
No logs in console

Simple repro on demo:
1. create new project
2. import asset
3. Try change: [Tab] Item Definition Attributes - attribute with (Source) for example Armor ->BaseDefence - try change name


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I'm terribly sorry about that. It's a bug I seemed to have introduced in version 1.0.2.
I just finished fixing it. Unfortunately it required a few script changes to make a clean fix, so I can't give you quick work around.
We'll be releasing 1.0.3 with the fix as soon as possible, Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning.